The mission of Arbor Place, Inc. is to provide prevention, treatment, renewal, and recovery opportunities to individuals, families, and communities impacted by substance abuse & dependence and mental health disorders.

Substance use disorders are chronic, progressive diseases, which if left untreated may be fatal. Our model of care is recovery based and incorporates the 12 Step model. Additional or alternative methods of treatment are also delivered that are important for an individual's care.

We have well trained professionals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for successful delivery of substance and mental health treatment programs.




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Position Openings

Arbor Place, Inc. currently has no employment openings. However, you are always welcome to email your resume to Arbor Place for future opportunties.








Do I have a problem with alcohol? Take this self quiz by NCADD

Do I have a problem with other drugs? Take this self quiz by NCADD

Self Test for Teenagers - Are Drugs and Alcohol Affecting My Life?

WI Sowing the Seeds of Hope Counseling Program for Farm Families

Alcoholics Anonymous



Narcotics Anonymous

Alano Club of Menomonie, LTD




Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

Mental Health Evaluations

Individual Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient Treatment Groups

Adult Day Treatment

Adult Residential Treatment

Medication Management

Intoxicated Driver Assessments

Intoxicated Driver Intensive Supervision Program (IDIP)

Alcohol Awareness Program I and II

Teen Tobacco Diversion Program

Victim Impact Panel

Addiction in thet Family Seminar Series

Families In Need of Education and Support Individual Program


Male and Female Recovery Houses





4076 Kothlow Ave East

Menomonie, WI 54751






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Recovery Houses of

Arbor Place

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  • Arbor Place, Inc. has moved into a new facility. The new facility is located at 4076 Kothlow Ave, Menomonie, WI .
  • Directions:
  • From Hwy 12/29 East Menomonie, Turn South onto Lookout Road, Follow Lookout Road to the left, heading south, Facility will be 1/4 mile down on the left, turn left onto Kothlow Ave.
  • Please note - the new facility is tobacco-free. This includes building and grounds.